Credit Card

How to pay

1. Click on "PAY NOW VISA LOGO” Below 

2. Enter the amount to pay in Sterling pounds where its mark "PRICE PER ITEM” and press continue. (Important note - please check the amount you are paying is the same as the amount shown in your payment plan UNDER PAYMENT OPTION 2

3. If you do not have a PayPal account  simple Click on "Check out as a guest”  (If you have PayPal account enter your details)

4.  Input your card details and information and follow the prompts   


(Please note the following points when paying by credit/debit card)

1.   There is a 2% transaction charge payable by you 

2.   The amount you need to pay is shown in your booking form (see your Payment Plan on Page 3) 

3     Please pay the amount listed in Red bold under "PAYMENT OPTION 2" . (This amount INCLUDES the 2% transaction charge.)

4.   Payments made with Debit / Credit cards are via PAY PAL. You do NOT need to have a PAY PAL Account to make a payment.

5.   Some Debit / Credit cards have a limit with PAY PAL of£400.00 -£600.00 per transaction.  Please bear this in mind when making a large payment. For example   if you need to pay£700.00 you may need to make 2 separate payments ie one for £300.00 and one for£400.00. Its also possible you may need to make the payments on separate days as the transaction limit with PAY PAL can be "per day” depending on your credit card agreement with PAYPAL

6.   Once payment is complete you will receive an instant receipt from PayPal. we will also send you a receipt in due course